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Got a Work Visa? Want a Job? Things Will Be Tough(er)

The latest employment report from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment shows that unemployment in New Zealand has slowly been increasing.  While more jobs are coming on-stream, this is being outpaced by net migration – which includes the rising … Continue reading

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The Paris Attacks, Scarcity and Refugees

The slaughter of civilians in Paris this weekend has struck close to home for a lot of people.  My daughter was at a concert not far from the location of one of the attacks, and she reported “It was so chaotic, … Continue reading

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Faulty Breathalyzers Lead to Immigration Problems

There have been reports in the media, both in the past and more recently, about faulty breathalyzers. The breathalyzers have been giving people false reads on their blood alcohol levels which has led many to get into their cars believing … Continue reading

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