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Another Used And Abused Partner There are beautiful, loving and genuine relationships where a NZer has sponsored a migrant partner, but there are also horrendous stories of Kiwis being used, abused and dumped by migrants. Sadly, love comes in many packages and it is … Continue reading

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Nelson Or Auckland – Which Would You Prefer?

While Auckland is usually seen as the economic powerhouse of New Zealand, some recent reports indicate that the real economic growth is happening in other parts of the country. An interesting article appeared in the New Zealand Herald recently. The … Continue reading

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Labour’s Immigration Policy – More Election Rhetoric

Yesterday the New Zealand Labour Party announced its immigration policy in the run-up to the September General Election.  As today’s interviewer on Morning Report picked up on, it appears Labour appears to be lining itself up alongside the xenophobic New … Continue reading

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Change is a Constant in Life!

We said goodbye to Mathew Martin on Friday, 2 June 2017. Mat was part of the team since November 2015. He moved to Australia with his partner and although this is a new and exciting adventure for him, he was … Continue reading

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Residence and Health – When is it Time to Call it Quits?

I am in the unusual position of supporting a recent change in Immigration policy which restricts people’s ability to apply.  This situation is illustrated by the recent case of Sanita Devi who failed in an application to the High Court … Continue reading

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Stuck between a rock and a hard place

A recent article in the New Zealand Herald made me realise once more how fragile our lives can become. The story of the English woman who can’t work in Australia but can’t leave to go back to the UK will … Continue reading

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Too many? Too many migrant workers taking Kiwi jobs? Too many tourists destroying our country? Too many cattle fouling our rivers? Too many migrant students who can’t get skilled jobs?

The common denominator is immigration which has unintentionally, produced an oversupply of low-cost migrant workers, willing to work for sub-standard wages in their desperate attempt to qualify for residence in NZ. Government has belatedly accepted that the current system is … Continue reading

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