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BREAKING NEWS – Big Visa Changes on Both Sides of the Ditch

Within the space of 24 hours, the Governments of both Australia and New Zealand have announced changes to their immigration policies. They claim to be addressing the needs of their respective labour markets, but there’s probably a bit of political … Continue reading

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Are School Fees for Migrant Children Coming?

It is no secret that New Zealand and Australia stand together on many issues. Being close neighbours, it is understandable that politics could bleed across the Tasman, but will the NZ Government follow the lead of Australia in charging international student fees … Continue reading

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Kiwis in Aussie vs Aussies in Aotearoa – What’s the Difference?

There has been no bigger news in Trans-Tasman relations recently than the deportation of New Zealand citizens out of Australia. From the news reports, it appears that many of these Kiwis being deported have not spent any meaningful length of … Continue reading

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How the Australian Deportation Regime effects New Zealand

Much has been made by the NZ media and politicians of the Australian decision to inter and deport people imprisoned for at least 12 months for serious crimes.  Unfortunately, our NZ political parties are, as usual, unable to work together … Continue reading

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