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How the Australian Deportation Regime effects New Zealand

Much has been made by the NZ media and politicians of the Australian decision to inter and deport people imprisoned for at least 12 months for serious crimes.  Unfortunately, our NZ political parties are, as usual, unable to work together … Continue reading

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Faulty Breathalyzers Lead to Immigration Problems

There have been reports in the media, both in the past and more recently, about faulty breathalyzers. The breathalyzers have been giving people false reads on their blood alcohol levels which has led many to get into their cars believing … Continue reading

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Stay completely out of trouble to get Permanent Residence ASAP

We sometimes get asked for assistance by people who have got their Residence and want to apply for Permanent Residence Visa (PRV) but find they are prevented by a real fish hook in the Immigration Act – section 161.

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