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“Kiwis First” – Labour Inherits Immigration Policy

In a June posting I predicted that the Labour Party’s promises to slash the numbers of migrants to New Zealand had already been trumped (excuse the expression) by policy changes introduced under the National-led Government.  That appears to have come … Continue reading

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Which Way Are We Going To Go On Immigration This Election?

Is it just me, or does the immigration talk in the news seem like it’s about to reach fever pitch? It seems scarcely a day goes by without some talk about the impact of immigration, changes to immigration policy, scandals … Continue reading

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How the Australian Deportation Regime effects New Zealand

Much has been made by the NZ media and politicians of the Australian decision to inter and deport people imprisoned for at least 12 months for serious crimes.  Unfortunately, our NZ political parties are, as usual, unable to work together … Continue reading

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Comment on the New Immigration Changes

We posted on Facebook yesterday about the changes to Immigration. It’s an interesting article from the Herald and it’s going to be a talking point for some time. So I’ve put together my thoughts on the matter and jotted them … Continue reading

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Labour Bashes the Migrants for all the Wrong Reasons

In April the Labour Party made claims that the upswing in net migration to New Zealand is causing runaway house prices in Auckland and Christchurch in particular.  Its solution is to cut immigration numbers.  This issue has not gone away – … Continue reading

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NZ Parent Residence – Where is it at?

In 2012 Immigration New Zealand changed its Residence category for NZ Citizens and Residents to sponsor their parents for Residence.  That option may be up for grabs again soon.

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A Big Shift in NZ Business Visas?

Through my close involvement in the wider immigration industry I have just seen a recent discussion paper about a significant shift in NZ Long Term Business Visa (“LTBV”) policy.

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Family Migrants are Bad News for the Economy

People who are thinking of sponsoring their brothers and sisters for Residence may have only days or weeks to get the application in before they lose the chance forever.

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Visas for Overstayers – Another Rough Game

Following on from my recent post about the problems with applying for visas offshore, here’s another example of how Immigration is chipping away at what is often called the “right to natural justice” for people in New Zealand without a … Continue reading

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